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Monday, March 22, 2010

GC Teaching: President Monson

Well, my FHE lesson went over great, and my grandma loved it so much that I gave her all my supplies for the lesson and she wants to do it for her Primary kiddos. She has the best casserole too. The recipe is in the car, so I'll get it later and post it up.
Do you remember those notebook covers I made for a request from Didi? Well this is the second half of Didi's request, and it was to make a little packet for anyone to journal down their thoughts. Here's President Monson's, I'll be doing the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve so keep your eyes peeled for those.
I have also gotten several requests for bookmarks for the April Primary theme so I'll tackle those this week.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I'm loving all these General Conference pages. Thanks so much! Unfortunately, the one for Pres Monson doesn't seem to work. AFter you wait for the download, it says the link is no longer valid.

    1. I tried to download it and was successful, if you would like it and are still having troubles, feel free to email me ( and I'll send you the jpeg file.
      Thanks for stopping by!