Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Eat the Prophet- Pictures

Hi guys, I have a fun little game for you to play with your kiddos for General Conference, a FHE activity, or just learning who the General Authorities are. I'll also be doing one with just their names and then a print off of their pictures for older kids. For this game you'll need to print off enough of the game boards for your kids, then you'll need game pieces (jelly beans, M&Ms, Smarties, etc) then you can play it like Guess Who. One person thinks of the prophet or an apostle and the other people try and guess who they're are thinking of, putting the markers after they have guessed, you could also ask is he wearing glasses? Is he bald? etc.  Or if it's for conference you could think of a name and say "this man talked about..." (to make it easier and something else to do, you can download my "Taught me" sheets as well (if all 15 aren't up, they will be, don't worry)

And this is the link for the 2nd half (names only- for the older kiddos) ENJOY! Leave some love, who doesn't love love??

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