Monday, February 1, 2010


Does your family scripture study need some spicing up, I have just the idea that can work for kids of all ages (except maybe those that still babble :)

The acronym:
(S)Search for (P)Principles and (I)Insights to (T)Testify or teach.

We all interpret the scriptures differently no matter our age, so this will definately bring out those differences as your family reads a set of scriptures (try and limit it to 5 verses or one story), let each family member S.P.I.T. at each other telling them what they think about a certain principle. It can also ignite a deeper conversation with older children.

NOTE: You can tell your kids that this is the only spitting allowed in the house :)

You can also try it with FHE lessons, seminary, or in your Sunday lessons.
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