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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Hour

This activity provides a great opportunity for parents to spemd quality time with each of their children while encouraging important behaviors.
-scripture reading
-prayer -manners
-chores -kindness
-homework -going to bed on time
-exercise -service
-church attendance -doing something without being reminded

During Happy Hour, one or both parents spend one hour doing anything the child wants (within reason of course) You could also put a price limit on the activity. Remember that you don't have to spend money to have a great time. You could then after you have spent time with the children with the 5 dollars, make a rule that the activity can't cost more than the amount of money they have in their jar. Make sure that the Happy Hour money is not spent until the month is over. You will also have to put a limiit as to how many pennies can be put in, in one day. If you have 5 children and only want to spend $25, you will need to limit the daily value at about 16 cents a day. You could also after the "date" is done, if you haven't spent all of their money then that could go back into their jar to use the next month.
You will need to:
-prepare a jar for each child (or you could just have the jars ready at a FHE, so the children can decorate their own jars) You will also need to put a slit in the lid so the pennies can go in.
-determine how much a mmonth you as parents want to spend. (All of the estimations are only one child)
$5 per month = about 16 cents a day
$8 per month = about 26 cents a day
$10 per month = about 33 cents a day

To find out how much to allot in one day take the dollar amount (5) divided by the number of days in one month (for all the estimations I did 30 days.