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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Beauty to the world is only as thick as this piece of paper. They only see your outer beauty and money and fame. They haven’t even begun to grasp what true beauty is: They’ve only touched the surface.
Imagine beauty as a present wrapped up in nice wrapping paper. Imagine that gift as the thing you want most in the world. But when you open it, it turns out to be empty. That’s how many of the “world’s” beautiful people are. They are shallow, hollow, and void of love and inner beauty.
Now imagine a group of presents that are all different. Some might be wrapped all fancy while others might be wrapped in newspaper or something that isn’t expensive. Now any of the presents might have what you want or need. So, what you need is something to help you look through their outward appearance at what is inside. If you see that one that has what you want, don’t go straight to it. Look at all the other ones too. You might find something that you like more. Take your time. Don’t rush this because you can only take one. There is only one that is just right for you.
Beauty is more than just physical features and the clothes you wear. It is your caring, kind, individual and fun personality. It is the feelings you feel, the thoughts you think, the things you do, and the way you treat other people. It is all those things and more. Beauty is infinite and immeasurable. True beauty is the same as true love. The world keeps it bound and limited by definition, but true beauty is free and limitless. It shines and flows through us like the “force” flows through a Jedi. If you find their inner beauty, then it will shine though on the outside, making their outer beauty matches their inner beauty. Everyone has beauty. Some people hide it and sometimes it just takes longer to find. I end this with a request, “Help other find their inner beauty.”

By Seth Segler